Finds: Easy, Breezy Summer Essentials

01 VENA’S FIZZ HOUSE flask, $22; and shaker, $96. 02 FLEET FEET SPORTS Oofos flip-flops, $40. 03 VENA’S FIZZ HOUSE cocktail glasses, $11 (small); $14 (large). 04 PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS youth baseball and glove set, $15. 05 ÉTAÍN Zinke cover-up, $140. 06 GORHAM BIKE & SKI Specialized Bicycle Components youth

06 helmet, $40. 07 LULULEMON ATHLETICA water bottle, $28. 08 CARLA’S Brighton Collectibles sunglasses, $85. 09 PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS boogie board, $38. 10 BAXTER’S FINE CANDIES hard candy, $8 each. 11 BOARDING SCHOOL BINDERY & WOODCRAFT photo album $95; and journal, $55.


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